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We provide premium, individualized healthcare and action plans designed to help you thrive.

At Thrive Health, our mission is to liberate healthcare from corporate constraints, dedicating ourselves to what truly matters: the health and well-being of our patients and community. We create a true patient provider relationship and cater individual care plans together.

As pioneers in the healthcare revolution, we are dedicated to serving our community with the utmost respect, care, and expertise. We are empowering both providers and patients by removing the constraints of government and corporate control. Learn more about us.

Primary Care

#1 Priority is Your Health!

Whether you choose our concierge-style membership for enhanced services or prefer to start with our standard practice model, every patient receives personalized attention and top-notch medical care.

Occupational Medicine & DOT Exams

Our Occupational Medicine services are designed to meet the needs of employers and their employees in Staunton, Verona, Waynesboro, and the greater Augusta County. We specialize in Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals, DOT drug testing, School Bus Driver Physicals and a broad range of employee health services.

Health Risk & Biomarker Screening

Our BioMarker and Health Risk Assessment Screening package, featuring 100+ Lab Biomarkers & AI-scored biological age, offers a comprehensive approach to understanding and monitoring your health.

Currently, we are licensed to offer these services in VA, NV, CA, CO, and IN

Full-Body MRI Scan

We are excited to offer comprehensive full-body MRI scan consultations through our partnership with Reveal MRI. With centers located in Denver, Colorado, and Las Vegas, Nevada, Reveal MRI provides state-of-the-art imaging services designed for early detection and preventative care.

Doctor Operating CT Scanner
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